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Join us at The Surf Club for a host of Activities Goa.

These include, Yoga, Surfing, Kite Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Fishing, Bird Watching, Hiking, Cycling, Frisbee.

Go Fishing in Goa

Go Fishing in Goa

Before tourism, fishing was the main activity in Goa.

There are many choices for when you go fishing in Goa.

  • Beach Fishing

A lazy day beach casting.

  • Ocean Fishing by kayaking

Head out into the ocean to fish above a wreck.

  • Boat fishing

Different boats are available for ocean & river fishing.

  • Estuary fishing

There are many points on the estuaries of the many rivers in Goa that offer great fishing.

  • River fishing

There are rivers large and small that offer great opportunities for anglers.

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Go Kayaking in Goa

Go Kayaking in Goa

Kayaking is a great sport for getting out on the ocean.

Arambol beach offers great kayaking in Goa. Sea kayaking is a big work out. It is great for the shoulders & upper body strength. Lets go kayaking in Goa.

  • Kayak Dolphin watching

Head out onto the ocean in the early morning to paddle off sweet water lake beach to see the dolphins that gather there. The large White Tipped Dolphins have been visiting our shores for a very long time. Dolphins have always been a source of fascination for us all. There are also large & dangerous. We always keep our distance from them, respecting them & admitting that we are visitors to their environment. Not the other way around.

  • Fishing by kayak

A kayak allows you to get out on the ocean to where the fish are. By getting a short distance offshore you massively increase your chances of catching fish. We have one & two person kayaks avaialable as well as fishing equipment.

  • River Kayaking

There are many rivers to explore.

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Go Kite Boarding in Goa

Go Kite Boarding in Goa

Arambol has a great beach & consistent wind for kite boarding.

Arambol beach is one of the best locations to go kite boarding in Goa. A three day kiteboarding course with get you surfing the waves & flying through the air.

Kite Boarding has developed form Kite Surfing. The later uses a traditional surf board design while the former includes a wide variety of board shapes for different styles & conditions. Come to Arambol Beach to go kiteboarding in Goa.

Experience the thrill of Kite Boarding in Goa. Book lessons & stay with us at The Surf Club Goa for all Beach Sports this season.

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Go Surfing in Goa

Go Surfing in Goa

Arambol Beach is a fantastic place to learn how to surf.

Arambol is one of the best place to go surfing in Goa. Surf lessons are available to all our guests. A 3 day surf training course is a great way to start. The experienced surf instructors will have you riding the waves with confidence. The surf photographer will be there to capture the moment forever.

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Activities in Goa

We only offer accommodation at The Surf Club Goa. To book activities please click the read more link below.

There are so many activities in goa to keep you fit & entertained. Surfing, Kayaking, boogie boarding, kite boarding, yoga, fishing, bird watching, hiking, cycling, pool table, backgammon, chess, cards & more activities in Goa.

Goa is great place to get in shape, while you enjoy your holiday. Arambol offers some of the best beach sports and other activities in Goa & across India. You can see what is available and book by following the read more link below.

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